• Dessert

    • Bumpy Cake


      Classic chocolate cake with soft whipped vanilla filling coated with irresistible chocolate fudge icing.

    • Carrot Cake


      Coconut, pineapple, and walnuts form this cake, separated by real cream cheese frosting. Covered with the perfect blend of cream cheese frosting
      and crisp crushed walnuts.

    • Strawberry Shortcake


      Vanilla cake held together by delicious strawberry filling, Iced in red marscarpone frosting.

    • Oreo Cake


      Chocolate cake with whipped vanilla frosting topped with crumbled Oreo cookies.

    • Lemon Cake


      Lemon cake with lemon mascarpone frosting and mouthwatering lemon curd in between every layer. Frosted with an irresistible blend of lemon
      and mascarpone frosting.

    • Red Velvet Cake


      Delicious and moist red velvet cake with a delicious cream cheese frosting.

    • Baklava Cheesecake


      Creamy, rich, and indulgent cheesecake layer sandwiched between sweetened, crunchy and flaky filo pastry and the classic baklava-inspired nut filling.

    • Baklava


      Layers of walnuts, honey and filo dough

    • Rice Pudding

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