• Dessert

    • Chocolate Lave Divine - Gluten Free


      Dark, dense chocolate decadence served warm to perfection.

    • Red Velvet Cheesecake


      A layer of traditional red velvet cake baked into vanilla cheesecake, garnished with whipped cream and red velvet crumbs.

    • Rice Pudding

    • Baklava


      Layers of walnuts, honey and filo dough

    • Ice Cream


      Vanilla or chocolate

    • Key Lime Island Pie


      Our delicious key lime chiffon pie is mounded with real whipped cream in a graham cracker crust.

    • Grand Chocolate Finale Cake


      This delicious four-layer chocolate cake is filled and iced with a rich chocolate ganache, then delicately accented with toasted almond pieces.

    • Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake


      Lemon filled cake topped with blueberries and cranberries, then finished with vanilla cake crumbs and a dusting of powdered sugar.

    • Brownie Sundae


      Rich chocalate brownie, ice cream and caramel sauce. Topped with whipped cream.

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